Freshman Free Day!

School is hard. 
But I discovered the solution to the over-whelmed school blues.
A Freshman Free Day!

So one night when I was feeling a particularly extreme amount of school anxiety, I decided the next day I was going to get some friends together and just be FREE.
Free from studying, classes, stress, worry, and sleep deprivation. 

Hilly, Ken, and I started our adventure around noon.
(because waking up before that would defeat the purpose of free day.)

First, we went to Deseret Book, for a purpose that will later be revealed.
So I parked the car, grabbed my bag, jumped out of my car, and slammed the door.
But the door wouldn't close... I checked around to see if my coat or seat belt had gotten stuck in the door way. nope. So naturally, I slammed the door again. 
And then my ipod fell to the ground.
Bent in a way I never even knew was possible.

My newly replaced ipod broken. My heart, broken. 

Next, since we woke up too late for breakfast, we had a little lunch.
We ate at this really yummy mexican place that I cannot remember the name to.

Then we bowled. At this little alley called Logan Lanes that we love, even though they are the only place in Logan that doesn't give an Aggie discount. 
I only bowled 2 strikes in 2 games.
and I never broke 100. But when it comes to bowling, I am a pretty good sport. 
(unlike when I play card games)


Then we had a little ice cream treat at Charlie's. Some rave about this place, but personally I was unimpressed. But Ken won bowling, and we losers promised to buy her a shake. 

Next, we drove to Logan Canyon to try and find the infamous 15 foot tall snowman. We drove, and drove, and drove, and drove. And ken started feeling car sick.  and we continued to drive. 
Finally when were on the verge of giving up, we found it!!!
We pulled over, and got out to take some pictures. Totally worth the 40 min drive.
Then we got stuck in the snow.. Luckily some friendly men pulled over and managed to get the car out. Then I struggled for 15 min to try and get my car out of 4-low... We smiled and pretended we were looking at pictures so the helpful strangers wouldn't know how retarded we are. 

We finished with feeding some birds, and went and tried on some clothes at D.I.
The day was just what we needed.
And to finish it off, we discovered my Ipod still plays music! 
The screen, on the other hand, is a goner.  

On a completely different subject, Happy Lovers Day! :) 
I hope you found ways to reach out to the people you love.
I know nothing makes me happier faster than when I find kind things to do for others. 
It's not too late to celebrate the holiday if you didn't take advantage of it yesterday :)

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