I Make a Difference

Yesterday I had the opportunity to donate blood for the first time!

I have always wanted to donate, but I was always too young, or been out of the country too recently. So this was my first chance!
My roommate, the Mrs. agreed to do it with me, so I wouldn't have to do it all by myself. And all of the other roommies agreed to come, but not to donate. Fears of blood and needles run rampant around here.
The Mrs. sang her own songs about donating all the way there. skipping and running.
They went something like...
"You want blood from me? I'll give you my blood it's free!"

As it turns out, Mrs. didn't have enough iron. Though they had to draw blood from both of her finger tips to tell her that.

My Iron, on the other hand, was grrrreat! and I donated a pint of my blood.
I just save up to 3 people, or 10 babies.
It hurt, like kind of a lot, but it was worth it! And Ken held my hand the whole time :)

They give you the sticker BEFORE you donate. so Mrs. got one anyway. 
Plus, it's the thought that counts right?

I make a DIFFERENCE! Woo!

It's just never a flattering angle, but it had to be taken. 

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