I received a complaint that I hadn't blogged in some time, but the truth is I don't feel like there is anything to blog about!
Then, like she heard my prayers, this lady tagged me on her blog, and saved the day!

The rules of blog tagging are:
1. You must share 15 interesting facts about yourself
2. You must tag 5 other people

Sounds like fun right?

Here we go.

1. I have this groove in my front tooth that I never knew was abnormal till a dental student pointed it out to me.

2. I cannot have a pinky toe nail. Whenever that little nail starts to grow, I have to rip it off. Often without noticing I did so.

3. I think if headaches had a smell, they would smell like Swedish Fish.

4. I have never seen a rated R movie.

5. I hate when the AC/Heat is turned to the highest speed in the car. any car. In my car, that speed is a 4. Braden likes to test to see if I really notice the difference between 3 and 4. I do.

6. I really love to read.

7. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people add an S onto Nordstrom.

8. My tailbone curves under, and probably always will. Reason unknown.

9. I have never broken a bone, or even gotten stitches.

10. I was not sad when Skinny died in Step Up.

11. I make pretty yummy cookies, if I do say so myself, and homemade pancakes.

12. I am surprisingly happy in the mornings, my dads favorite quality about me.

13. I love to take and even be in pictures. all the kinds of pictures. But I have zero desire or ability to be a photographer.

14. I absolutely hate to blow dry my hair and hang up clothes.

15. I hate when other people plug my nose.

Whew! we made it through.

Now the 5 people I tag, If they ever read this, are:

1. Jordan Metcalf
2. Bri Borup
3. CC Almeida
4. Heather Friden
5. Courtney Kearns


  1. I think most people make homemade pancakes. The difference between theirs and yours is that theirs are from a mix (i.e. Krusteaz) and yours are from scratch.

    I do like how you always seem to be so happy in the morning, even if I wake you up. I also like how tender you are: you cry when you read a sad book or watch a sad movie.

    Do you need more inspiration to blog about? I will start making assignments.

  2. AMEN to #7. So happy you blogged. So happy to be tagged. The end.

  3. "i wasn't sad when skinny died in step up."
    oh my. i peed my pants. crazy, but also funny...

  4. haha I love reading those because I can a specific time for each of those weirdo things about you..:) haha love it. made me laugh lots. Especially the Skinny one...

  5. I like how you gave real FACTS about yourself and not just the things people probably already know. Plus, #3 is probably the sentence i've been searching for all my life.

  6. I agree with Lysh! And I hope you are making those cookies this weekend...