A Weekend To Remember

I have become a regular old pro at staying whole weekends at Utah State.
And this weekend was the most successful yet!

Friday was full of the regular old USU family.
My twins, and red head boys hung out with us all night.
(I know you are happy to hear that mom.)
Somewhere around 2 in the morning, we decided to pull our first college prank.
We took out the light bulbs in both of the elevators and hid them on the 5th floor. So for the rest of the night, and part of the next day, anyone who needed to take the elevator had no other choice but to take it in COMPLETE darkness.
It is pretty creepy. but the college kids actually gotta big kick out of it.
They road it up and down in groups all night.

We got a kick out of watching the fun we accidentally created for everyone.

We actually got our second prank out of the way in the same night as well...
We filled our empty trash can with water, and titled it against our boys room door.
Then we knock, run away, the door opens, the trash can falls over into the room, water everywhere.
Funny right?
But don't feel bad for them because they got us back. like 3 separate times. Including a water fight, and our own trash can fiasco. 
The rest of the night involved Bunlimpics, and not getting to bed till 6 in the morning.
It was perfect.
Some wet girls after the water fight

Saturday started bright and early with some deep cleaning of the apartment before my bridal shower guests arrived. Then we decorated, got the party stuff together, and cooked some baked goods.
And FINALLY the party arrived!
We ordered pizza, ate yummy food, and caught up.
Then on to the naughty games. LOTS of fun.
An adorable soon-to-be-newlywed game video made by yours truly.
The opening of some beautiful presents.
A fashion show :)
The boys stopped by to visit Lyshy for probably the last time.
cucumbers and face-masks.
Brought the mattresses out on the floor for a giant sleepover bed.
Watched Just Married, and fell asleep.

I realize that was the most boring way to tell you about that night, but it was too great, too much happened, it could not be written down on a blog.

All you really need to know is, I am the BEST maid of honor in the world.
Women should hire me to be their MOH's. I deserve the big bucks for my talents.

 Valentines Day Themed Decore and Treats

Me, the bestie, and most of the guests.

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