"You never know who you're going to be exposed to"

Do you know what?
Life is pretty great.

The time goes by so quickly these days. One week flows into the next without too much thought of home.
My roommates, best friends and I have become a special little family of our own.
And this new family makes it much easier to be away from the family I've left in Orem.
This past week has been full of laughs, secret blanket forts, stolen furniture, group meetings, wakee six, baked goods, one really bad movie, styling, and roommate snuggling.

I want to live with these people FOREVER! 

forgo marriage maybe?

I now find that when I am home home, I miss my snow home.

We are going to go slam all 5 of us roommates onto a giant combined bed in the Mrs. room and spend the night together watching movies.
So I must be going.

Pictures that don't come close to capturing the joy:


  1. Don't totally forget you Orem family. ;)

  2. I'm so happy you have just cute and nice roommates! LOVE YOU!