Instead of FB

So I decided to go on a little Facebook fast.
Credit goes to Poe :)
I started yesterday almost immediately after I wrote my last entry. 
I decided to stay away from the FB for a whole week. 
And not just put my status as offline, so people don't know I am on Facebook, like my dear sister does :)

I have been tempted to log on many times already, but I am staying strong. 
But I know the only way I am going to survive is if I consistently blog.
What is so addicting about sharing my life with others??
Who knows, but be ready for a full week of my precious thoughts. 

So lets talk about my weekend. So those of you who stalk me on FB (CC, and parents) can have your daily fill :)

Friday evening I went to dinner with my Borup family at CPK. It was delicious and although I fought back tears when the topic of my kitty came up, I enjoyed the company of my family. 

Saturday started with helping Braden paint his room. It was a surprising arm/hand work out, but I was pretty dang good at it. I did like 70% of the work :)

Then Braden took me to the Rec. Center to try and teach me how to play rball. I was not very good... but I can catch the ball with my left hand really well. Braden was a great teacher, and more importantly he was very very patient with me. 
More embarrassing than my actual lack of skills, is the fact that I was incredibly sore the next day... next two days actually.. haha

Saturday night I went to dinner with my Orem besties, CC and Miss Lysha! I missed them so much! Dinner was so dang yummy, and the QT (quality time) was even better. They are the greatest. And surprisingly enough, not one picture was taken between me and Lysh. woops. 

It was such a good weekend. (minus the death of my childhood pet)
I am so happy I came home. 

Now I am back at school. Spending another weekend here in Logan, cause I am so independent and amazing these days. 
And I am sure I will update you on my daily activities before you even get the chance to wonder. 

(I hope all of you know me well enough to catch all my sarcasm...)

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