a date with the sun

Spring break has come and gone. Where I spent all of my time doing basically nothing with the hubster, while watching others instagram their adventures in the sun. 
Don't get me wrong, relaxing with the husband is actually one of my favorite ways to pass the time, but I am desperate for some time laying by the pool in the sun. desperate. 
I managed to have a bit of mental breakdown on Friday because I am so vitamin D deficient. It came to tears unfortunately, hysterical tears, on the way to dinner with Zane. 
He had zero idea what to do with me. 
Who would? it was a bit of a joke, except that I was completely serious. 

Good news. I will be in St. George this weekend, before anyone's forced to institutionalize me. 
Sporting my new suit to boot. 

Brought to you by Nordstrom online shopping. 

Anyone else thinking swimsuit season snuck up on them a little too quickly?? I'm afraid my swimsuit body is a bit behind the sunshine. pfff, typical. 

Happy sun bathing everyone!

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