home again

Although I was sure the universe wouldn't let me have my weekend get away, it did.
Not without a few hiccups though, of course.

Zane wasn't feeling so hot the day before we we're set to leave. He visited the doc and it turned out he had bronchitis. awesome.
Obviously my first thought was, poor poor hubby. But visions of my time in the sun crumbling around me quickly followed. I am so selfless.
Being the champ he is, Zane pulled it together and we managed to leave Friday as planned.

After we had arrived in St. George, and we went to bed that night I had a nightmare that I woke up the next morning, all swimsuited up, when everyone started laughing at me. It was pouring rain. I dropped to the floor and cried. I obviously have issues.

Saturday morning the sun was shinning, and I spent 4 hours soaking it up. Mission accomplished.

Soon after coming inside, I began to develop my own bronchitis symptoms. Zane and I made rather pathetic vacation buddies. I am not afraid to admit we both do a pretty terrible job of putting on a brave face, and a rather fantastic job of whining. Lots. Everyone loves us.

I did pull it together long enough to give slack lining an honest try. I wasn't half bad at it actually. I thought I had found me a new, oh lets be real, my only talent.
Until I slipped and slammed my ribcage on the line, completely knocking the wind out of me for the first time since I was 10 years old. pure panic. not to mention slightly embarrassing. But seriously, I was certain, in those 15 seconds, that I would never breathe again.
Turns out I lived. Miracles.
And that is how my dream of becoming a professional slack liner lived and died.

Such a good group of guys. 

some slack lining shots. 

sure do love him. note: I do not wear this outfit everyday. It just happens to be appearing in all my latest blog posts. I promise I shower and do my laundry.

Overall, the weekend was a success. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family, and that my husband has such impressive, good friends. I am constantly surrounded by uplifting people.
As always, I am most grateful for Zane. I got lucky, there is no other explanation.

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