home sweet home

hello blog. Long time no see.

Growing up I was blessed to be able to vacation with my family to all sorts of fabulous places; New Port Beach, Hawaii, a Mexican Riviera Cruise, and my all time favorite, Greece.
I have been spoiled.
I hope one day I can spoil my future family the same way.
Currently my bank account says not a chance.

But I started realizing months ago, there is so much in my little state of Utah that I've yet to see. How can I desire to know the world, before I know my own home?
Thus, I have written somewhat of a to-do list.
A list of things of adventures, silly and amazing.

This weekend was the perfect opportunity to knock something off the list. My adorable sister was in town with some friends for the weekend. Her friends, one from Indiana, one from California, have never been to Utah.
She took them to Zion's on the way over, and the next day we made a plan to hike to Timpanogos Cave.

I have hiked to the caves before, but it's been at least 12 years. I was overdue for a visit. A visit I will actually be old enough to remember.

It was amazing. It is kind of eerily beautiful. As cliche as it sounds, caves are mysterious to me, and I find them so interesting. Or I find "it" interesting, since I've only been to one.
Going through the tour I am as eager to understand as the 8 year old boy standing next to me.

If you haven't been, GO! It's a good hike, and it's a beaut.

The group outside the cave entrance. 
Why is my husband's $10 target sweatshirt my favorite thing I've worn in months?

 I love my tan tis. 

The heart of the cave. 5'6 and 4,000 pounds. what!?

I loved waking up super early feeling satisfied with how I spent my weekend.
Utah has so much to offer, and I love exploring it with my family.

Anyone have anything I need to add to my Utah adventure list? 
Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Have you ever been to the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City? I think it's completely worth the drive. Hiking in the morning, dress-up-fancy and go to a play at night.

    I also love the Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake. They are right by the zoo, and make a really nice afternoon just wandering around.