Sometimes there just isn't anything to blog about.
No worthy thoughts, no life experiences, and no pictures.
But I am alive.

There has been a lot of Friday Night Lights, and Grey's Anatomy watching.
A couple of naps. Too few trips to the gym.
Lots of work, and schooling for Zane.
A minor back injury, and a couple of headaches. Always some tears.
There actually was a trip to the pool, a nice lunch with friends, another lunch with sisters, a wedding, and a shopping trip with my mom. Alas, no pictures were taken, and somehow I can't manage an interesting sentence to be written about any of the above. Though they all were fabulous.
There has been plenty of time with the niece and nephew, and only 1,000 pictures of the same cute little faces. But I think I'll spare you, and save them for the family members who unconditionally adore them.

Despite the speechlessness of the last week or so, life is good.

But I'm still crossing my fingers this weekend gives me something to talk about.
Happy Friday!

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  1. I adore your blog. I love reading it! You are such a talented writer. Has anyone told you that before?