a weekend of reminders

This weekend we made a little trip to Rockville, Utah.
We have a great deal of family history down there, and when I was a little girl we used to visit all the time. 
Since I've grown up, visits became less frequent. I guess I figured I had grown out of the family farm as well. 
It turns out that couldn't have be more wrong. 

It was so peaceful to be down there in the sun, with my family, away from all of the world.
Connecting with my family, and being able to share those people, and that place, with Zane, was a perfect getaway.  

Weekends like the one I had, remind us what's really important in life. 
These are the memories that you cherish at the end of the day. 
This weekend is reality... That's the best way I can put it. 

And I only took a little over 500 pictures, so just be grateful I only chose a large handful to post here. 

Lots of memories at this place

 It's a pony

Hiking to Emerald Pools

 That is a guitar made from a bucket. 

Hello sexy husband.

I hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend!


  1. it looks like a fun trip! Im also loving the pictures that your new camera is taking :)

  2. glad you picked some of the pics I took :) Nice vacation!