getting back into the groove

I've been neglecting the blog. I know this, and I'm working on it.

Tomorrow morning my Niece, Nephew, and siblings from Georgia leave for home.
It has been so much fun to have them here. It's bitter sweet to see them go.

At some unknown moment in my life, I apparently fell in love with babies. I realize I am one of the last people on earth to jump on that bandwagon, I just never remember being drawn to children.
My mom told me I shouldn't tell people that. It's not the most charming trait.

These days playing with my sweet 10 month old niece seems like a perfectly heavenly way to pass the time.

It's interesting to notice changes within myself happening this late in life. I mean, I realize I am young, but aren't I supposed to be a grown woman now? Weren't those years in jr. high and high school all about finding out who we really are?
And here I am, 20, and ever changing.

All my changes may not necessarily be as positive as baby loving, but I'm enjoying the never ending process of rediscovering myself.
And isn't it kind of comforting to know change IS possible?

Looks like you can teach an old, okay still young but not as young as before, dog new tricks.

Bye-bye cute kiddos!

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