some thoughts before I start my weekend

- 3 dreams about Justin Bieber in 1 week. I'm not sure if I should be thrilled, or concerned.

- I won the little contest at my job, and I'm feelin' pretty proud.

- "Zombie" attacks in Florida, AND in Maryland... What. the. heck. This world is becoming a pretty scary place people, and only the comic book and Walking Dead nerds are prepared.

- I got eyelash extensions as a birthday gift to myself. Barely over a week later, I have officially picked them all off. One of my quirkier moments in life to be sure.
Some mascara and eye liner, and you can hardly tell I've only got stubs for lashes.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. i nearly peed myself when i heard about those "zombie" attacks. people be crazy.

  2. Congrats on winning the contest at work!

  3. Replies
    1. Jaclyn I know! I'm sorry, you did such a lovely job and my OCD tendencies ruined it!! What's wrong with me!?