happy birthday Mr. President.

Similar to the last long weekend, I was hoping I could sneak out of town and have a little adventure with Zane. Turns out that though Zane did have work off, we still don't have a whole lot of money.

But I learned you don't need to leave town to have a good time.
And thats the moral of this blog story.
All it takes to have one fine weekend in Orem is, family dinner, shopping with mom, downtown provo, selfless sushi dates, twilight zone, Valentines day at the Borups, one long game of Taboo, lunch with my best friends, a family wedding and most importantly, a little nap.

Pictures taken at the wedding only, you're welcome. 

tender, worthless, creepy hand picture. 

 I hope everyone had a happy presidents day!

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  1. Um... how is it that you have no money but the cutest clothes in the whole world!? You look beautiful, dear :)