girly saturday

The O'Gwin boys went to a gun show Saturday afternoon, so my mother-in-law treated me and my sister Caitie to a day at Gardner Village and The Wood Connection.
Which if you didn't already know, is where Pinterest dreams come true.

Apparently I have been living under a Utah Valley rock. I had no clue these fine places existed.
And if you have been living under the same rock, I suggest you click the links above and have yourself a girly adventure this weekend.

I walked away with a polka-dot scarf, and a Valentines craft. Success.

And I am officially addicted to crafting. Which just makes me the perfect LDS stereotypical wifey, all I need is some casserole baking know-how, and a baby on my hip.

Gardener Village with Miss Caitie. 

my adorable craft, if I do say so myself!

I've never actually had a lot of faith in my craftiness. Scrap-booking has been an epic fail. 
But I think I am going to get along with wood and modge-podge just fine. 
Pictures of my craft successes to come. I hope. 

Gosh. Blogging about crafting... if you weren't already wondering why you read this blog, I bet you are now. 
Bare with me, something brilliant is bound to come out sooner or later. 


  1. some of my family owns the wood connection! that's pretty sweet... i guess this means you're totally supporting my fam... haha wayyy random comment, look past it. or judge it. do with it what you will.

  2. I love your wooden hugs and kisses! I was so inspired after seeing them that I went to the craft store to see if I could find supplies for something similarly valentine's-dayish, but there wasn't anything even close to fun wooden letters. Big thumbs down to the crafts stores of rural Georgia.