what a day, what a silly little day

Saturday Zane and I woke up and decided it was a perfect day for a visit to the Hogle Zoo.
It really was. 
I have a small obsession with all animals. So even though I am almost 20 years old, I am definitely not too old for the zoo. 
And little known fact, and it might not actually be a fact, the animals are way more active this time of year than I have ever seen them in the summer. 

I was basically 2 feet away from a tiger, and made a serious connection with a monkey. 
Needless to say, I loved every second of it. 


The monkey moment mentioned was not caught on film, but the Tiger was. 
It doesn't do it justice, it was pretty much amazing. She was gorgeous, their eyes are unreal. 
Kind of hurts my heart at the same time though.
Can you hear the tree hugger inside me?

After the zoo we made a stop at Heritage Park. 
A completely underrated destination if you ask me. 

Heritage Park is where Brigham Young declared that "this is the place". 

It was special to me, to stop and think about everything the pioneers went through to get here, and what Utah might have looked like when they first arrived. 

The view today of what Brigham saw.

Just extra happy to be there, I guess. 

Utah is the beautiful place I call home, and I am grateful for a Saturday spent exploring some of it's little treasures. 


  1. You two are darling! You have a beautiful blog. I love all of your thoughts. xoxo

  2. We go to the zoo ALL the time. You and Liam are meant to be best buds--he LOVES it. If you come and visit, we'll all go together : )