Saying Goodbye to Whiskers

 I got Whiskers, my cat, for Christmas when I was 2 years old. He is an old man. The most frequently told story is how I called all my relatives screaming "I got a Tat, I got a Tat!"
Since then the poor thing as gone through a lot.
I threw him over the bannister once or twice because I heard cats always land on their feet.
We accidentally shut his tail in the door and broke it.
And less violent, but still annoying, he had to put up with me growing up. Forcing him to sleep with me, or to look a the pages of the book I was reading to him.

Later we got our dog Dallas, and whiskers was mostly ignored. I think he enjoyed it.
But as he got much older, he was always starving for attention.
I wish I would of given him more. :(

I came home this weekend because my parents told me Whiskers was very sick.
I didn't make it home till 2 in the morning, but as soon as I got in I checked in with my parents, and went to find my sick cat.
He was dead when I found him. Or almost. His eyes were open and he wasn't moving, but he was warm and if you put your hand on him you could feel his heart beating softly.
I sat on the floor and cried with my parents.
Soon his heart stopped, and he went cold.
My Dad said he prayed that night that whisker's wouldn't suffer anymore; he thinks that whisker held on just until I got home.

I am sorry this is so morbid!! But this is basically my journal now, and I will print off all these entries and put them in a book someday, so it is something I needed to write about.

I didn't think Whiskers dying would affect me as much as it did. I cried more than expected last night. Then when I finally went to bed, I found this little plaque that my mom and sister gave me as a joke for Christmas.
It says "cats leave paw prints on your heart." haha
and I broke into tears again. And I unexpectedly started crying as I wrote this.
I don't know about the paw prints on my heart, but I know I won't forget the best christmas present I ever received.

I have little to no pictures of my kitty. He wasn't very photogenic.
All I can find is this tender moment with dallas and dad after a bath.

Bye bye Whiskers. Love you. 


  1. i just teared up, like that's not a joke! i really did! i think whiskers and i could have been great friends. haha :)

  2. That cat grew up with you! That's sad, but I'm glad you got to say goodbye. I may have teared up a bit too, and I don't even like cats. LOVE YOU!

  3. You've got a tender heart! I got a little teary myself reading this and thinking about you and Wiskers.

  4. Brookie...either I or you have a picture of you hugging Wiskers. It was a night that you, me, and BriAnne went stalking and following cars, and we thought about bringing Wiskers hahah. I looked through my FB pictures and couldn't find it, I think you have it! I remember it being cute.
    Anyway, I love you. Goodbye.

  5. Aw this made me cry actually :( I cry super easily now a days. I am so sorry Brooke! I remember when my dog Buster died I was a mess for days. I know how you feel! Love you!