The New Roommates


Bachelorette Number 1: Ken!

Isn't she a GEM? Ken and I had a class together last semester, so I already knew her a little before she moved it. She is addicted to all of the same TV shows as me, and is also a homebody! We've bonded over the Bachelorette, Gossip Girl, Modern Family., ect. and over the fact that we both love going home!
so overall, we are really healthy for each other :) 
And I debate stealing from her closet on a daily basis. 

Bachelorettes Number 2 and 3: Court and The Mrs!

I introduce these two together, because they are always together. 
Like peas in a pod.
 So i've yet to get a picture of them really separate from each other. 

The Facial hair is NOT natural. Promise. 

Court and the Mrs. are ADORABLE. The make me laugh on a daily basis, hence the pictures of them as boys. They are super sweet. They both sing like little angles, which they do, all day long. so it's a good thing we have the same taste in music. :) They always share their food, and movies, and jokes with me. I like them quite a bit. 
Court, has a lovely blog that I stalk as well, feel free to join me. 

And you all already know Barbie, so no need to reintroduce her. 

Soon you'll learn to love them as much as I do. 

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  1. haha.. like little Angles?
    just kidding. Brooke, love your blog, love your face
    Bri (not ben)