Back for Spring

I'm back!
I spent my first night of the spring semester back in Logan last night!

Moving back in was the absolute worst. I came back with a huge suitcase I didn't leave with...
so. much. stuff.

The whole process of moving in with Hillary and Lindsey was pretty dang funny.
3 girls, 3 loads of stuff, and 3 inches of packed snow does not go well together.
If my hands weren't so full of stuff, and I knew which bag my camera was in,  I would of snapped some shots.
You'll just have to use your imagination.

Also, next to blow drying my hair, hanging up clothes is my absolute LEAST favorite thing to do in the world.
It took me like 4 times longer than the rest of my friends.

Now on to the good things :)

I met my three new roommates!
I am in love with them.
They moved into our room because they had some drama with an old roommate.
I can't imagine why anyone didn't like them, honestly.
I clicked with all three of them so fast. I can already tell this semester is going to be better than fall.

So with our new friends, and of course my old USU family, we had some dinner and game night!

I am already loving the social.
now my classes start tomorrow, and we will see about the whole academic part :)

the game circle. a little crowded.

USU Buddies!

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  1. I love Wacky 6!! I hope you have a great semester Brooke!