School is only getting better.
(minus that dumb research methods class)

I HONESTLY love my roommates. 
My dad called me the other day and said that he saw that I wrote I loved them on a previous post but was wondering if I was just being polite. 
So let me clarify.
I love them. From the bottom of my heart. 
We are kindred spirits. They complete me. 
When I get some good pictures of them, and some spare time, I will formally introduce you. Fake names and all.
(Don't be creeped out Court :)...)

My classes are more interesting.
But I can tell you now that I'm definitely going to finish this semester as a feminist, and probably a liberal. It's really not debatable anymore. 
But my mom says I was never really a conservative to begin with anyway... oops. 

I hope you all still love me. 

I got myself some cute hats, and some ear warmers. So even my walks around campus are looking up.

But as GREAT as school is, home is pretty darn great too.
And I am home this weekend with all of my best girl friends! 
But even Barbie came down to visit good old Orem City this time. 
So basically it's my life in Logan, temporarily relocated to the O.C.
Completely different and worth the gas money, I swear. 

And here is a picture of Big Red's legs to keep you all aesthetically pleased.

Happy Weekend


  1. haha not creeped out at all. we sure miss you here in logantown!!

  2. Did I not tell you 2nd semester is always better than the 1st? And it only keeps getting better my friend! Sometimes all your adventures make me miss my Snow Hall days...sometimes. Oh and I love that picture hahah.