The classes

Let's talk about my classes shall we?

1: Marriage and Family Relationships.
I walked around for a good 10 min trying to find my classroom before I realized I was in the wrong building...
So I was 20 min late to the actual class, but by the portion that I was there for I think I am going to like it. Yes, it probably isn't the most challenging class I have ever taken, but I can tell I will find it interesting. I hear is the best way to earn a good grade. (which I need)

2: Jcom [media smarts]
Well I am pretty sure my teacher is a NUT. 
She is liberal, eco-friendly, full blown feminist and gay activist. 
She hates conservative radio and Fox news. 
She married the head of the Jcom department, but refused to take his last name because "She wanted to keep her own identity".
Although none of these things makes an individual a nut, screaming, blasting the song "we didn't start the fire" and asking us to all dance definitely does.
she is definitely going to force me to have an open mind
The class sounds challenging, she will be challenging, but also a lot of fun, and interesting. 

3. Women and Gender Studies
Undecided about this one. The teacher rambled on and on about the syllabus today it was hard to be interested... But I have it with my roommate, Barbie, so that will be nice. 
I am pretty sure this class, along with the class above, is going to have a little bit of a liberal agenda. Gay rights, transvestite rights were both topics that she mentioned we would be studying. Think I can maintain my conservative beliefs and get an A in my classes?
Heaven forbid I graduate as a DEMOCRAT right?!
But seriously, this isn't BYU folks. 

4. Jcom [communications research methods]
This is going to be Statistics all over again... meh.
But because it is too early in the semester to have such a bad attitude, I will just say some positive things. 
It's a really small class, I like my professor, and it will probably be at least a little easier than Stats.

Thats all. Sounds easy enough right?? I can totally do this...

Zero pictures today. 
This post was mostly for Mom and Dad anyway. If more of you found it even slightly entertaining that is just a bonus. 

It is FREEZING. like -5 degrees outside today. I was pretty sure my ears were going to fall off.


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  1. There is a girl here that goes to Utah State and she's sooo cute, she reminds me of you, but ya she loves USU, it's definitely not BYU...Democrat hahah. Awesome. Love you!