Taylor Swift is kind of a weirdo.
Let's just be honest here.
Anyone who was at that concert now knows, she's a little different... Granted she is very nice weird person, with a great voice.
Still weird.

She kind of belongs in DisneyWorld as some sort of princess. Cinderella maybe?
Her voice, and most definitely her mannerisms scream Disney princess.
I have 4 minutes of proof if you're interested.

Also, most T-Swift fans are aware of the fact that she cannot dance.
It's basically a well known fact.
And it remains true.

Nonetheless, the concert was AWESOME!
I had so much fun with 3 of my besties, singing poorly at the top of our lungs. (but not quite as loudly as the tone def asian girl behind us)
And a little surprisingly, Taylor (we are on a first name basis here) sounded great live. Plus the flying balcony was a real crowd pleaser.

It was a fun night. A perfect break from the daily stresses.
And here are some pactures.

Love these girls.

Miss this lady.

T-Swift herself

Ran into some cute friends!

Videos are taking forever to load. will add on later at some point

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  1. soooo sad i missed this!!!!! but i do have the cutest best friends in the whole world:) love you and miss you. glad you had fun!