How I met My Future Boyfriend

A scene from recess at an elementary school:

6th Grade Boy: "Who are you?!"

Me: "Me?"

Boy: "As a man, I have to know who everyone at recess is."

Me: "I'm a daughter of one of the teachers here."

Boy: "What teacher?"

Me: "Mrs. Borup."

Boy: "Well, just so you know, I never don't date teacher's daughters."

Me: laughter.

Boy: "So what's your number?"

Me: "Well I am afraid I am a little too old for you."

Boy: "I dont think so."

Me: "Well how old are you?"

Boy: "13"

Me: "And I am 19..."

Boy: "oh. Well will you wait for me?!"

Me: "Sure."

2 minutes later when he finds me again...

Boy: "It's only 6 years ya know."

Me: Silently thinking, Shut up! Zane is only 6 years older than me... what the...

Boy: "Can I walk you back to your class?"

Me: "Sure, so how many years till you're 18?"

Boy: "uuh 5."

Me: "Okay, Whats your name?"

Boy: "Cayden"

Me: "Okay, Cayden. I will see you in 5 years then"

End Scene.

So maybe I don't get hit on by people my own age at UVU like everyone else, whatever. 
6th graders are just as cool. 

And since I can't post pictures of little children who don't belong to me, I can show you my cute classroom...

I realize it isn't actually MY classroom, but it kinda-sorta belongs to me too... right?

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