UVU Review

Everyone is talking about UVU, so I'm just going to go ahead and join in.

I loved USU so UVU is a bit of an adjustment for me, but fortunately I am only going part time this semester so it hasn't been too difficult.
And I apparently have none of the same problems as everyone else.

Parking has not been difficult... I always find a spot everyday, not too far away from my building. Yesterday I even found a nice shaded spot a short walk to the right from my classes..

I'm not getting hit on too crazily from creepy older guys either. I guess not being as hot as my other UVU buddies has an upside haha.
Although there are a few guys who stare a lot, for a little too long.

And I haven't ran into ANYONE I know from high school... not one person.

But my favorite part about UVU has got to be my Media Ethics professor...

Jingdong Liang.

He is the sweetest, most incredibly asian man, who wears reeboks with his slacks.
He brightens up every Tuesday and Thursday, with his asian-american accent.
And I wanted to share the love, so I wrote down my favorite Jingdong quotes yesterday to share with you...
(make sure you read in your best accent as well)

"I don't want you to party in the night, have good time at night, go sleep at 5 in the morning and next day absent! I will be so sad! I want to see your smiling faces! I am sad when not here!"


"My heart is very soft, maybe I do reviews."


"By end of class, you're class will be so close, so communicative, I will be so jealous!"

or my personal favorite,

"Alright, we will move on, change the gear, drive on the freeway!"

With Jingdong by my side, I think I will survive this semester just fine.


  1. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I love Jingdong Liang!!! Please tell him I say hi, seriously. He is for sure my favorite professor, I took pictures with him at the end of the semester last year hahah. Glad you're liking UVU so far!!