Mrs. Borup

3 days a week I volunteer to help my mom out in her 1st grade classroom.
(3 days is a very loose term here.. but I'm trying to get it down to a solid routine.)


I really enjoy getting to work with all the 1st graders.
I know them all by name, and I can even identify personality characteristics for each of them.

Sometimes they call me Mrs. Borup, and it makes me swoon.
I want to kiss their little cheeks, but that would be inappropriate.
I don't want them going home and telling their mothers their teacher's helper smooched 'em.

Sometimes the boys smile at me and say "You have big lips."
And I say thank you, even though I'm not really sure if they mean it as a compliment.
Actually, I'm pretty sure their way of complimenting is simply stating facts.

Like today when Camila said to me, "You look like my mom."
And hesitantly, and a little drawn out I say "thank yooou?... but please sound out these words for me"

I am in no way baby hungry,
you know what they say, first comes love, then comes marriage, THEN comes the baby.. and I'm not about to skip the excitement for the 2nd step.
But, it does make me look forward to having a little 6 year old of my own one day;
 a littlelun who adores me and says silly things that make my day.

one day. one very very far away day.

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