Birthday, Birthday, Birthday's

Yesterday I took the day off from the boyfriend to celebrate my lovely friend Nikki Nik's 19th Birthday!
First, we went and got pedicure's at Juicy Nails.
I have been craving a pedicure for at least a solid month now, so it was PERFECT.
Something kind of embarrassing and a bit funny happened on our way out, but I am afraid I do not have the time to write about it at this moment.
Remind me later.

Next, we went and picked up Catherine and went to our traditional Chilli's dinner together. It was delicious, and we laughed and talked about life.

Then we returned to my home and made some funfetti cake for the birthday girl.

And finally we watched Tangled, because CC hadn't seen it yet...
I know. Deprivation for sure.
That movie never gets old.

It was such a fun day.
Unfortunately I didn't take one picture... I am the worst lately.

I was glad I took the whole day off to just hang out with my girlfriends.
They are good for me.

Now I am busy packing and such for a little weekend trip to St. George, where I will celebrate another birthday,
Mr. Z's 25th.
I can't write about how good of a girlfriend I am yet, but I can give you a little glimpse into my thoughtfulness and generosity...

Birthday's are the best. 

See you Monday!

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