The Bday Stuff

This past weekend my family, Zane, some family friends, and I went to St. George for a little vacation.
Zane's birthday was on Sunday, but I wanted to give him his presents basically right away. Like I seriously wanted him to open them on the car ride down, but that seemed a little ridiculous so I settled for as soon as we checked into our rooms.
I am not very patient...

I ended up getting him..

Two T-shirts from Gap...

A pair of Navy Toms...

Two tickets to see Matt Nathanson...

And this little craft I made. 
A deck of cards turned into a book of 52 things I love about him. 

We both agreed that I did pretty good. Especially since Zane gave no one ANY ideas for gifts. He claims he honestly doesn't want anything, so all his loved ones are left to do all the purchasing on their own. 
It was kind of hard to come up with something I thought he'd like, but I ended up having a lot of fun doing it. 

So Happy Birthday to Zane!

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  1. love love LOVE the book of cards idea. so so so cute!