Quick Lindsey Time

Yesterday Lindsey was in town for like a whole day.
So I took the evening off the boy to spend some QT with her.

But life isn't too exciting, so basically we went here...

Still an addiction. You're disgusted, I know. 

And then she came to my home to open a late birthday gift from me..

What a cute little outfit she has on! and what cute friends we are! :)

And then basically we sat around and did nothing but doodle and chat.
Exciting or not, it was nice to catch up. 
I know I am going to be lonely when school officially starts and all my friends are busy and far away. So I'm glad I got to see her, even for just a bit. 

She's my bestie people. 

1 comment:

  1. love my two nuggs. sorry i couldn't make it. i was a bit busy if you know what i mean... sad i missed out!
    love the one and only