the blog world!

I discovered a few new blogs to follow today and it just made me think,

I love the blog world!

Blog people are like Hikers.
When you are out on a hike, everyone is always smiling at you, and saying hi to everyone and their dogs. literally.

Or maybe we are more like motorcyclists.
Ya know, like when you're on a motorcycle, and you pass someone else on a motorcycle, and you get the head nod.
And we don't hand out those head nods freely, just to those people in the gang.

It's like some how we are specially connected.
We appreciate each other for taking the time to write about our lives, even if they aren't even remotely exciting.
And we accept the fact that stalking or "creepin" on each other is the biggest form of blog flattery.
And honestly, no one ever leaves mean comments or says rude things. We just read, and respect, and have this little instant internet friendship.

And I'm lovin it!

And since I have posted too many times without a picture, here is me, fresh out of a good nights sleep, given you two thumbs up! cause thats how much I love it!


  1. ohh yay! so glad we are official and finally blogging friends :) love this so much.