Painting the Pee Room.

Yesterday I got to go up to Salt Lake with my mom and aunt Melissa.
We shopped, for missy mostly, and ate lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory.
It was so much fun.
I am so lucky to have such a close relationship with the members of my family,

Or maybe I'm just lucky my mom and her sister are so COOL! :)

Then from 6 till 1 in the morning I painted.
Not an exaggeration. Sorry to those of you who texted me (Ky!) I didn't get the chance to respond until it was too late.

You see, the boyfriends new bedroom at his new house used to belong to what Im sure was an adorable girl named Mckena.
So naturally it is BRIGHT pink.
Like instant headache pink.
And not to forget, it was probably the worst paint job I have seen in my life. It was splattered on the ceiling, blinds, and floorboards...
We obviously couldn't have him living in that for a year, so we painted.

It was probably the longest process of my life.
And my hands and forearms are feeling a little sore this morning...
But it was worth it, and I think we did a pretty good job...

Be Impressed. 

My cute boy painting.
I'll be honest, he did most of the work...

Next chore is cleaning up all the pee stains left from Mckena's less adorable puppy... yay. 

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