Saturday with the O'Gwin's

The O'Gwin's have a work friend from India here in Orem for awhile, and Missy has taken it upon herself to basically entertain him every night by showing him what little old Utah Valley has to offer. He is obviously having so much fun, he is amazed by the all the littlest things, it's so neat to watch.
And it's especially been a lot of fun for me because they let me tag along to everything they do.

This weekend we took Sean, our Indian friend, shooting and to Apollo Burger on Friday and up to Park City on Saturday.
I accidentally forgot my camera at home Friday, so when I get the pictures from the O'Gwins we will come back to that.

But I made sure I didn't forget my camera on Saturday.
We got to park city and decided to ride the Alpine Coaster.
Waaaaay better than the Alpine Slide because it goes just as fast, and there is no risk of falling out onto the rocks and shrubbery.
It was so much fun!

Then we drove a little further up to where the Olympic Games were for skiing and bobsledding, and did the Extreme Zip-line.
Apparently this one is much faster than the one they have by the Alpine Slide.
And it was a lot of fun, until Zane kicked his dad in the face...

I'm going to tell the story by putting as much blame on as many people as I can, here we go...

First, Indian Sean told Missy and Sean Sr. to hold the camera this time.
Then I told Sean and Missy they could go in front of me and Zane so they could take some pictures of us coming down.
Once they were down at the bottom, Missy hands the camera to Sean, even though Sean insists he is not a camera person.
Zane and I are flyin' down the Zip-line going like 50 mph, as Sean steps into the line of Zane's Ziprider. The man who is supposed to be watching for that sort of thing, is probably off flirting, or sleeping, we don't really know. Complete negligence on his part.
So Sean isn't fairly warned that Zane is probably going to hit him in the face, also due to the fact that looking through the camera lens is severely messing up his depth perception.
The next thing I know, Crash, gasps, and a few curse words from Nate, and Sean is looking very disoriented with blood running down his nose and the 1200 dollar camera is in two pieces on the concrete.
The nose is only bleeding, no broken bones and the camera lens is broken but the camera itself still works perfectly. So other than shock, and Zane feeling terrible, everything is FINE. What truly happened, and who is to blame is debatable.
Although I've decided to blame the incompetent worker with the hideous sunglasses.
And personally, I think this is going to be a very funny story one day... but for now it's a little tender.

After all that we made a silent, and a little depressing, car ride to Grandma and Grandpa's house in the woods, had some yummy dinner, and called it a day.

Pictures of our adventure...

Alpine Coaster!

Waitin for everyone else to finish!

2nd cutest, and cutest couple just about to go on the Zip-line

On the Ski Lift, I'm dating a 25 year old, so I can take these and post em cause we are sooooo mature. That's how it works. 

two little honeys 

Nate and Sagan about to go down!

And the epic finish to our day!

Shooting on Friday was a lot of fun, and much less dramatic. Pictures and such coming soon!


  1. Definitely loving the caption on the kissing picture.
    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. even if you weren't dating a 25 year old man, i would still expect a kissing picture. cause thats just how it works.