Growing Up Sucks

Growing up and I have a love-hate relationship these days, and it's getting pretty frustrating.

Some parts of growing up are just not that much fun, and the child in me would like to just take the hard things, and hide them in a corner for my mom to find a couple weeks later.

Unfortunately, I am surrounded by grown ups, like my parents, and Zane.
And they make me deal with the tough stuff.

And you know what...
It sucks!

And I know what all the grown ups that are reading this blog are thinking...

"Welcome to the rest of your life Brooke, you have no idea... bless your heart you naive, spoiled, little girl."

But you don't have to say it, okay? cause I know it.
And I'm dealing with it.

At least I'm trying to...

1 comment:

  1. You'll be fine. You'll figure it out. Better to deal with things then to hide them in a box to deal with later. Love you!