Another Semester

Coming to you live from the classroom!

That's right school has officially started back up, and since I was terrified of starting at UVU today, I left my house an hour before class because I knew for sure I would be walking around campus completely lost, but pretending I knew where I was, which really makes it harder to get unlost. 
I am a freshman all over again... 
in my heart, not in my credits of course. I did manage to pass a few classes at Utah State. 

Anyway, I survived and managed to make it to my class 2o minutes early. 
Just the way the nerdy girl inside me likes it. 

In other news, and something to help with the fall semester blues,

Those who know me know I used to be a big ring girl. 
And I had 2 rings that I wore almost constantly.
The tiffany's ring my mom gave me, and the ring my dad bought me on our cruise. 
Well at some point at USU, they disappeared, and I was positive they had been stolen.
By whom, I have no idea. My argument wasn't very logical. 
But as I was going through my old backpack this morning to get some school stuff together, I may or may not have found them in the small pocket on the face of my backpack....


What really matters is that we have been reunited. 

Three cheers for another semester!