better run, better run

Hi it's me.
Blogging again.
You're thrilled, I know.

I got a few pictures of my shooting experience, so I had to blog it before I forgot and then it was too old to be relevant.

Shooting on Friday was a lot of fun.
I wouldn't be upset if I never ever shot a living thing, like an animal or a human being,
but I do enjoy shooting pop cans and watermelons.

And to no one's surprise, I am not very good.

Let me give you a play by play...

Zane's dad Sean, teaches me how to use the gun and where to aim..

I waste about 7 bullets and hit a soda can by my 8th attempt...

I am pretty excited for myself, and making everyone else nervous with the way I let the gun point anywhere it wants, like maybe in some peoples faces. 
Hence, Sean's hand on my shoulder.

Too much fun!

The gun I was using was the best. It had ZERO kick-back, which is the safest for a spaz like me, 
you can shoot it like a machine gun, which makes you feel pretty cool, 
and you look like a Bad A holding it. 

But of course, I have no idea what the "name" of the gun I am holding is. or any other probably important details. 

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  1. The gun looks like an AR-15, probably shoots a nato 5.56. Looks like fun.