A Rascally Night

I am so blessed to have fallen in love with the O'Gwins.
From the day I met them I always wanted to spend time around them, simply because they are wonderful, never because I had to. 
And since all my friends are away from me, the O'Gwins fill the holes they left behind :)
Especially Zane's little sister Catie, we have been friends since the beginning.

So it worked out perfectly when my mom gave me some Rascal Flatts tickets that I actually had a friend to bring with me!
And we had loooots of fun!

Sara Evans, and Rascal Flatts both have amazing voices, especially live, which often is not the case.
There are no bad seats in USANA.
And We made good friends with the very sweet lesbians sitting in front of us.
It was more fun than I thought it would be!

The only downside to the concert was the scary, probably drunk, old hippie grandpa sitting two rows behind us...
Catie, the three lesbians, and I stood up when Sara Evans came out, we like her, it's a concert, and she deserves to have her fans react like they're having a good time. 
but the old man, and his mean old wife, disagreed. They continued to yell at us to sit down.
So being the assertive person I am, I finally turned around and as kindly as possible told them that I paid for these tickets, this is a concert, and I am sorry, but we are going to stand. 
So he yelled, "You're an F******* B****"!"
Completely shocked and terrified I quickly turned around. 

Well somewhere else in the arena my mom is sitting with her three best friends, so I texted her the little story because she's my mom and I tell her everything. 
Next thing I know, my mom is stormin down my isle, picks out the old man behind me and chews him out. She shakes her scariest teacher pointer finger in his face and tells him that he cannot speak to me that way, to get over it cause he is at a "freaking concert"!, and if he says anything to me she will have security remove him. Needless to say, my mom is awesome. And the oldies left me alone for the rest of the concert. 

Well you have to admit my sweater isn't doin much for me, but my mom is BEAUTIFUL, and awesome. I am so grateful for everything she does for me. 

So all summed up, it was such a great night!
Especially after a kind of tough week, it was exactly what I needed. 

Here's a little glimpse for you... and if you ask me, the lesbians really set the mood.

And even though we got stuck in about 4 hours of traffic on the way home, fun people in car next to us running to our car on the freeway to give us their number made even the worst situation of the night a little fun. 

It was a pretty perfect night!


  1. Is that sweater from Banana? Cause I almost bought it. I love it, I think it's cute haha.

  2. love that sweater its adorable!! love that video haha..

  3. Brooke that is such a funny story! Your mom is awesome!