I am trying to be a big girl these days,
I have a job, I put more than half of my paycheck in savings, I volunteer, and I go to college. 

And I've decided to add one more thing to the list, I am going to learn to cook.
Cook like legitimate recipes. Especially the recipes I don't enjoy, because I am afraid one day, one poor guy will marry me and soon he will be living off cereal, and plain noodles. And though it works for me, I don't think it'll be his favorite. 

So I started off easy, and completely unhealthy... 

Peanut butter and Jelly Cookies!

I saw a picture of it on pinterest, and I just couldn't resist. I know I'm supposed to be learning to cook real food, like normal people like to eat,
But ever since I had that PB&J milkshake in DisneyWorld, I can't turn anything PB&J down.

I made them last night while Zane was at school, and I was kinda disappointed when they were done. My parents will agree, they weren't as yummy as we hoped.

But after a night in the fridge, I may or may not have ate 3 of them for "lunch".
And I may or may not be debating hiding them so no one else eats them... but thats the obese girl inside me and I try not to listen to her. 

I think my future husband will love me after all. 
If PB&J cookies don't make you an awesome wifey,
I don't know what does!

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