a weakness

At Utah State I had a brilliant roommate who introduced Walmart $5 movies into my life; The red bin found in the back of the store where Nicholas Sparks movies go to die.

It has since become somewhat of a tradition to buy at least one $5 movie every time I found myself in Walmart, a tradition I carried into marriage. Since my husband is somewhat of a movie buff, the tradition took effortlessly.
At this point, I'm afraid it's become more of an addiction. Quite literally.
If Zane and I never save enough money to get out of the parental's basement, you can bet your bottom dollar Walmart $5 movies will be the root of that tragedy.
 $5 movies are the Sirens to our Odysseus.

The most recent purchases include the original animated short films of Dr. Suesses classics, such as The Star-Bellied Sneetches. The Sixth Sense, in honor of Halloween. Red, because of Bruce Willis' bald irresistibility.  Anastasia, for our non-existent daughter's princess collection. And the original Footloose, because Kevin Bacon does it better. 

Can you really blame me? These gems are put out there practically free for the taking!
Enter Walmart at your own risk my friends, the road to addiction is paved 5 dollars at a time. 

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  1. i too fall victim to the $5 walmart movie bin. and also target. they don't have a bin, but they always have $5 movies.