I'm a bad blogger.
Living through a renovation is not as glamourous as HGTV makes it look.
I have to search through 4 separate boxes to find something to clothe myself with each morning.
My deodorant has yet to be seen. And my laptop has been hiding in one of the many unpacked boxes.
If thats not a good excuse, I don't know what is.

Well I've uncovered my little comp, and only have a few thoughts,

Mitt Romney's constant condescending smirk is annoying.
Saying this could be considered treason here in Utah County, but it's simply undeniable.
I do like his salt and pepper hair though, very presidential McDreamy hair.
Now that I mention it, Both candidates are rather handsome.
And we all know Romney's final speech, and stylish tie, kicked Obama's ass.
Is this not what Im supposed to be getting from this debate?

Okay. I'm only half kidding.
On an uncharacteristically political note, I look forward to voting, and hope that all of you that are able will too. Whatever that vote may be (I am not publicly endorsing either candidate)  just make it an educated one.

I'm not kidding about Mitt's smile though. seriously.

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