sister weekend

My one and only sista came home for a visit this weekend, and it was oh so great.
Since she doesn't get to come home all that often, visits are a good excuse to take a day off work, and play all weekend. It looked a little like this...

She got here Tuesday night and brought me the latest, and absolute cutest, birthday sweater.

We went to Runners Corner to pretend like we are athletic, and buy some fancy shoes.

Watched this classic

 Went to Thriller is Salt Lake City. It's a Borup Halloween tradition.
Please ignore my sprouting roots.

Remember how I signed up for a 5k with Bri? weeeeeeeell, we didn't go.
 Instead, we hung out all night with these pretty ladies.
 Best. Decision. Ever. 

Now Bri is back in California, and we are all left here missing her. But distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? makes the family reunions that much sweeter. *crossing my fingers another get-together in California is around the corner*

It was a wonderful wonderfully long long-weekend. Now back to work.
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. This is my favorite post you have ever done. So cute!! Love it, love her, love that you guys didn't end up doing the race hahah.

  2. Love the sweater! Just in time for fall too!
    And the running shoes are hott! :)