i love love love love you

This year I am welcoming fall, and winter for that matter, with wide open arms. I'm so in love with this season, I am ready to write it a steamy love letter. And maybe a letter to boots, coats, sweaters, long socks, scarfs, hot chocolate, and fireplaces too, for making me the happiest lady on earth.

Last weekend I was able to participate in one of the biggest salutes to fall here in Utah County, Cornbelly's. Zane, Nate, Sagan, and I went for the classic corn maze. I couldn't let October pass me by without a corn maze. But I was a little disappointed to find the stalks were no higher than my waist...  
"How in the world will we find our way out?", "Oh, look, there's the exit, looks like we just have to turn left here, and right over there. See those people waving to us at the finish?", "What a challenge, I thought I'd never make it out!"
The haunted house ended up being the highlight of the night. Zane's smashed toes can testify to that. But who can be bothered to open their eyes, and walk straight, when they are simply trying to escape with their life?

I'm grateful for the fall season, and all the festivities it brings along with it, even short corn stalks. I'm grateful for Nate, and Sagan, the only double date buddies we really have these days. We couldn't ask for more perfect, or better looking, companions. I'm grateful for date night. And for the cutest coat I've ever owned.

Hello Fall! Welcome, make yourself comfortable, and stay awhile will ya?


  1. You're such a great writer, and so funny! Glad to hear you're enjoying life! xo

  2. NATES HAIR. hahaha oh my gossshhh...