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With the new Bourne movie coming out, I had a sudden realization that I had never seen the first 3. This was obviously a great travesty that needed to be fixed quickly. So we borrowed the movies from Mama O'Gwin and had ourselves a slumber party.
We moved our mattress out into the family room, and ate overly salted popcorn.

Needless to say, the Bourne movies were totally awesome. The 3rd is my personal fav. Matt Damon before he got old and soft, I'm a fan.

There is something about the whole mattress of the floor thing that Zane and I grew attached to. It stayed out in the family room for 3 nights, returned to it's proper bed frame for a couple hours, and is back on the floor again. It's just so comfy!

Memories like these are good ones, and we're making them quickly because unfortunately we won't be here for much longer.
I have a bitter-sweet announcement, Zane and I are moving into my parent's basement. wah-wah-waaaaaa...

We had our eyes opened up to all the money we could save in a couple months of not paying rent, and we just couldn't ignore it. Plus, Zane's school schedule is looking like an all day, 5 days a week, extravaganza, making working full time a little impossible.
My parents also happen to be pretty great roommies. I thoroughly enjoyed Ben and Beth for 18 years.

In reality, I am so blessed to have a family who supports Zane and me, and is willing to share their home with us. Temporarily.

I love our little condominium, but to comfort myself at this time of need, I'm focusing on the things I loath.
Like the fact that the swamp cooler is the worst thing that has ever happened to my hair, and my clothes. I live in a constant state of frizz and wrinkles. Humidity has never been a friend of mine.
The girl who lives upstairs, who does a lot of what I can only assume is jumping. Not going to miss the daily shaking of our light fixtures.
The office door that we are certain has expanded dramatically since we moved in, it literally will not shut anymore.
The fact that my plates are too big to fit inside any of my cupboards, and my oven drawer falls out every time we open it.
The fiesta's our neighbors throw them selves. every. night. giving me flash backs of the time I spent in Tijuana.

All of the above will not be missed.
but everything else, a list that would be much longer, will.

It was our first home, and I'm confident the memories made here will always be some of my favorites.

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