whether its life, or just swimming, always do your best

I haven't been watching the Olympics.
I know, it's like admitting you don't keep up with the news. Doesn't exactly make me sound like a well educated, or involved American citizen.

This is what I do know about the Olympics this year. Ryan Lochte, athletic, pretty, but mostly pretty stupid.

This has been entertaining my co-workers and me all morning.

Is it weird that I like him even more after this video? 
Turns out being empty between the ears is kind of endearing.

"I can't wait till I finish swimming, so I can go to the market to, do a little shopping"


  1. I guess he has a gold medal. Put that on his resume & he is good at shopping at the market.

    Oh, dear.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! How does this happen? How is really that dumb? I love him.