iphone shmiphone

Lets talk about the ways I thought having an iphone would change my life, but hasn't.

1. Maps. I thought for sure that having the map app on my phone would make it possible for me, being directionally challenged, to drive somewhere other than Orem. False. I've discovered it's really difficult to drive, and look at the tiny map directions on your phone at the same time.
Also, Im afraid if the phone reads left, and I turn right thinking it's left, only revisiting the lesson in kindergarten on how to make an "L" with my index finger and thumb, will fix that 1st world problem. Thus, I am still getting lost is Provo. Easily, and often.

2. I don't have to stare at my drink and internet-less phone while my family and friends play all the cool games around the dinner table.
It turns out Draw Something, and Words with Friends are now "out", making me very last season and only capable of forcing my husband to play games with me.
It's like I finally bought the poncho I've been so excited about, only to realize no one else at the table is wearing a freaking poncho.

3. Siri sucks.

On the bright side, I think I have finally figured out how to "hash-tag", though I'm still clear on the purpose.

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  1. You are your left/right challenged mother's daughter. :)

    You can play Words with Friends with me and even Draw Something but I'm super slow on the Draw Something lately.

    Oh and I don't even have Siri yet. :(