school is cool

I had forgotten how much I enjoy school.
I am only going part time, since I work full time and enjoy my sanity, but being back in the classroom is such a great feeling.

I read somewhere recently, that if men and women think that their marriage will fulfill all their social and emotional needs, they are sorely mistaken. You need more than a spouse for a well-rounded life.
I have always valued my relationships with friends, and family, I've even learned the value in working, but over the summer it seems I forgot how fulfilling school can be. As I sat in my English class last night I realized how much my very soul needed to be in that environment again.

So yes, I am the annoying girl in the front of the class, constantly making comments, asking questions and  walking out of class smiling from ear to ear.
Although it seems moving at my pace means I will graduate in 30 years, I feel so grateful for the opportunity to attend college, even in the smallest proportions.

I hope everyone else is enjoying being back to school as much as I am.
I mostly hope I can keep this attitude up all semester.


  1. Good to hear you are liking school. Stick with it, a degree is a great thing to have!

  2. Lucky you... Wish I could enjoy it like you do. It would make it a lot easier to pay and go. :D