special days

Since beginning working full time, at the crack of dawn, weekends have become especially special to me.
Saturday, and Sunday, mornings when my body naturally wakes up around 7, and I realize I may sleep as long as I please, I can only explain as pure joy. 
And the time not spent sleeping, is spent finding fun things to fill our day. 

Labor Day weekend was filled with Swiss Days and Sheep Dogs. 

Saturday was spent with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. 
We shopped, ate, gabbed, and sang a few songs from The Sound Of Music soundtrack. Weird since that was set it Austria, and we were supposed to be celebrating the Swiss. But no matter, I'm sure rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens make the swiss happy too. 

It was a perfect girls day, minus the fact that the right side of my hair decided it wanted to be straight and the left wanted to be curled. rough. 

Monday was spent at the Sheep Dog Championship at Solider Hollow. 
This was my brilliant idea, and I got Zane and my in-laws to jump on board with me. I am currently going through an animal obsession phase, for the last 20 years. 
It was such a fun atmosphere. I love my fellow dog lovers, they're the friendliest of people. 
The Splash Dogs were my favorite part. Zane and I have officially decided our future puppy will be a Splash Dog. Here's hoping that puppy is here sooner rather than later. 

The weekend was well worth the farmers tan, and peeling that followed. 

It's a little late, but I hope everyone enjoyed their labor day weekend!

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