Hey There Winter!

So I woke up this morning to SNOW on the mountains.
The first snow we have had this season.

This really only means three things to me:
A. that the bitter winter season at USU that everyone talks about is about to begin,
B. I get to go shopping!!!
C. my commute back to Orem is about to get more difficult, or if my dad has anything to say about it, non-existant.

The commute back and forth really isn't that bad.
(I make it basically every weekend, because there are some people I like a lot back home.)
Though sometimes the commute is long, somewhere near salt lake airport the air always reeks like rotten eggs, and my bum is, without fail, aching by the time I reach Lehi, the drive is always worth the weekend spent at home.

I get to see my family, Friday evening dinners, sleep in what I still consider my real bed, see my best friend C.C, and I get to spend time with Braden.

There is never a weekend I think, " ya know what, this wasn't worth the drive, I think I will stay in Logan next week."

The weekdays are usually more like a countdown for Alysha and me.
(only 4 more days people...)
Not that we don't have fun and love school while we are here, we do.
We just love the people back at home more than we could ever love anything up here.
I am sure my mom is debating how healthy she thinks that is for me.
But it's is true, and it's not changing.

Last night's commute back to Logan was the first of what I am sure will be a few rougher drives. It rained basically nonstop from orem to USU.
I mean, it REALLY pored.
Alysha and I may or may not have driven the canyon going no faster than 45 mph...

We made it back safe and sound with no problems, it just took a little longer than normal.

But I am afraid that my dad is about to put a hold on the gas money.
He says it's for my safety, but I am pretty sure he is just sick of me :)

The day that happens I will be very sad.
I will be up here, in the snow, without the people I love the very most.

The only thing that winter makes me look forward to is my not so far away christmas break!
I will be home for practically a straight month, and I could not be more excited.

(My dad on the other hand, I am not so sure about :).. )

So this is my Hello to winter, and my soon to be goodbye to Orem city..

I've never really liked the cold very much..

I know, I know, "then I picked the wrong school!"

The view out my window this morning..

On a more positive note, you gotta admit it's beautiful!


  1. 52 weeks a year at $44 per trip, that adds up to over $2300 per year. How is that job search coming? ;)

  2. Most of the time I drive with Alysha, meaning you pay for ZERO gas.
    Lets not get dramatic! ;)

  3. Wahoo! Break out those Uggs!