The blog world is boring me.

Or maybe my life is just boring me?

Either way, I find it hard to think of something to blog about,
but I am partly doing this for my major, so I think it is important to write anyway.

I think Julie Hollist would agree.

(reference down to Communication and Sheep)

Fall break is in a few days and I am so excited.
I am going to Zion, with my roommate's family and our two boyfriend brothers.
It will be a nice break from the life I am beginning to get bored of.

The Boredom List:

Bored with my fall wardrobe, or lack there of.

Bored with my dorm being freezing cold, because the managers don't think it's cold enough outside to turn the heat on!

Bored with eating chicken and pasta every night.

Bored with getting pulled over on the way to Logan, 7 miles away from school!

Bored with being so smart in all my classes :)

Bored of training for a triathlon I'm not even participating in.

Bored with not knowing how to spell, and all my readers most likely noticing

Bored with marriage surrounding me.

Bored with my boring blog.

Bored. Bored. Bored.

Bored doesn't sound like a word anymore.
Did I even spell it right?

Here's some pictures of my weekend at home, where I am never bored, to make this entry a little less boring.

My Family, minus my beautiful mom, who I LOVE!

A shout-out to my Uncle B, who is rarely boring :)

QT with my best friend, enough said. 

Braden, who has the tough job of keeping me entertained 24/7, even from 2 hours away.

Thank goodness for family and friends who keep me sane :)
I miss you all, especially on boring days like this one.


  1. you got pulled over!?!?! oh brooke

  2. Let's hear about the campus and your classes. Anything special in Logan? What kind of places do you visit off campus? Tell us about new friends you are making. Of course pictures are always good too.

    Love You

  3. I wish your dang roommate would keep you entertained or something...:) haha and no Bri... I got pulled over. It was terrible.

  4. Alysha- You do keep me entertained! I will ball my eyes out the first night I spend here without you as a roomie!

    Dad-the nest post is for you

    Sis-first comment since my first post! keep it up :))

  5. Oh please, B! It's not a job! It's a privilege.
    I love that you've kept up with this so well. Keep it going.

  6. I made your blog! Brooke you may be bored but at least your not boring. :)