A Little Reminder

After my very long weekend home, I was a little reluctant to leave.
I am always a little reluctant, I think it is beginning to worry my mother.

I didn't cry though, this would be the first weekend goodbye without tears folks :)

I drove down all by myself this time, and it was kind of a lonely drive..

But the moment I got off the elevator onto my floor, I was literally attacked by like 10 of my closest USU friends. I was forced to change in about 30 seconds and was pushed out the door to a "paint dance"

It was more like the most intense mosh-pit I have ever been in. I don't think there was really any dancing going on, or breathing for that matter.
but there was paint, a lot of pain, and a lot of fun.

My girl friends and I lasted probably a good 10 minutes before we called it quits.

Well Barbie actually got lost.. It is now 3 hours later and I still haven't seen her..

It was short and sweet, but it was the perfect night to remind me that I love it here. Even though I love my home in Orem, I remembered I love my Logan home too..

Dirty Girls!

My dirty nasty feet after..


  1. Yayyy I'm SO glad you went to the paint dance!!!!! Every year it's one of my fave memories. It seems like your experience is verrryyy similar to mine so far...keep having fun in Logy :) Love you!

  2. PS: where are the paint pictures? You people look too clean.

  3. I don't get the whole "paint" thing? Where does the paint come from and why. Is this Logan's version of the Festival of Colors?

    That pic of your feet make them look like hairy hobbit feet with a pedicure :)

  4. I'm with Ben. I thought your feet just looked hairy! :)

  5. People, I have no idea who they are, just threw paint randomly out onto the crowd, with cups and water guns. It is for homecoming week, they are lots of different activities everyday.
    My feet are hairless thank you.
    And I was a wimp, we couldn't handle the mosh-pit for very long!