Logan Life

My Dad listed a few things he wanted to hear about on my blog.
So this entry is for him.

Although my blog may not reflect it, I do go to school and leave my dorm room every once in awhile.

I enjoy all of my classes, except for statistics;
I do enjoy my Ukrainian stats recitation teacher though. He's a real card.

My favorite class would probably be jcom, or kickboxing.

I excel in both :)

My kickboxing teacher, to no surprise, really loves Alysha and me.
We are always dancing, and laughing; which is rare for college students at 8:30 in the morning. We are always up front, and always work hard.
I'm pretty sure we brighten her day :)

Although Snow Hall (where I live) is supposedly on campus, it couldn't be any further away from all of my classes. So everyday I have a 10 min bus ride to what I consider campus, and then a 10 min walk to my actual classroom. So it's a good thing that,

A. Campus is really pretty to look at and..
B. The bus drivers love me :)

Alysha and I have made friends with a bus driver or two. So when we are trying to get to the bus stop on time, and the bus drives past us, he gives us a smile and a thumbs up, meaning he will wait for us at the stop.
It is very convenient.

Other than class, my dorm, and the gym, we rarely go anywhere.

But I have made it to a local taco bell, the "Fun Center" for country dancing, and "Logan Lanes" for some bowling with friends.

I realize that I boast a little bit about how certain people love me, which is true, but I may have led you to believe I am more popular than I really am...

I do have friends. I love my roommates. I've grown especially close to Skipper and  Barbie. Some of my high school friends are up here too.
I also have made very good friends with the boys of room 402, in Snow Hall. Sam, Devin, and Paul. Also, I have a friend in other student housing, Big Red.
Every tuesday night, without fail, we watch Glee and a movie with these boys.

(keeping track of my fake names is going to be tough, I hope you're still following me)

I do know a few other people at USU, but this would be the elite group that I actually spend time with. So I might not REALLY be that popular... but I love the friends I do have up here.
I'm lucky to have found these people so early on.

That about sums up my life up here in Logan.
Pretty exciting, right?

I hope you found that fascinating Daddy :)
I love you.

Dad also requested some pictures...

Before Kickboxing, with socks from Dad!

The friends country dancin'

The losing team at Logan Lanes

So I'm not using real names anymore, except for mine and Alysha's of course, but I am posting pictures...
 That's okay right?

I didn't exactly fail my stats midterm... but I didn't exactly ace it either..

Alysha also has a blog, that I try and get her to update :) check it out for more details on my life.. maybe. It might not say anything about me, but we are like thing one and thing two; even if she doesn't mention me, you can be sure I was there. 


  1. Thanks, I always love you blog.

    Was everyone at kickboxing jealous of your socks? I bet they were.

    Future Blog Ideas:
    dig a little deeper. For example, blog about the boys from 402, and write a blog just about Alysha. Blog about your future, your aspirations, your feelings.

    Love You.

  2. I am loving Uncle Ben's blog suggestions! Get on it girl. I also think you should change your blog title because you CAN and obviously ARE doing it! I must go stalk Alysha now.

  3. I love this so much. Such a great life we have here in Logan. Love you roomie:) Ha and Jo... don't get your hopes too high for my blog. I'm no good at things like this.

  4. Dad, great ideas! real pearls.

    Jo, Thank you! blog compliments for some reason mean a lot to me haha, but Im pretty sure I cant do this is basically a motto for my life.
    plus, it might get confusing for my plethora of followers if I changed it.
    So I feel i must keep it the same.

    Alysha. loves you.

  5. Girrlllll I will be blog complimentin you forever. I'm really into this whole blog world right now. And thanks for the comment on mine!! Love ya!!