Fall Break

I am home safe and sound (BARELY) after a fun weekend in southern Utah.

Alysha, Jesse (alysha's boyfriend, braden's brother), Jill (alysha's mom), Ryan (alysha's brother), Braden and I went down to Cedar City for fall break.

Friday we went to Zions National Park and hiked Angels Landing. I am ashamed to admit I basically quit breathing at one point, but we made it to the top, and it was worth it. It was so BEAUTIFUL, and so fun! We also walked a trail by the river, a little less intense, but also very pretty.

Just starting out.

Checking out the view with Jill

Finally made it to the top!

Saturday we went to Sand Hollow, a mini Lake Powell I didn't even know existed. Alysha and Jesse did a little training for their upcoming triathlons, then we all swam, laid out in the sun, and cliff jumped the rest of the day. I was glad it was a little less strenuous than our hike friday.
Me and Braden may or may not have been the only ones with sore legs and bums.. We were a little ashamed.

Sunday we went to church in the oddest LDS church building I have ever seen, and then attempted to visit Cedar Breaks. It was freezing, raining, and then hailing. We basically barely escaped death when we tried to drive up a dirt road to a look out point.
I covered my eyes the majority of the time.
So with the bad weather ruining our last day, we decided to head home. It was probably the longest car ride in the world, and I almost killed everyone driving with me..

Long story short, we are all alive and home.

Besides burnt skin, hurt feelings, and a few brushes with death, it was such a fun trip!
I am so glad that Jill invited me to come along.

Back to school.
BLEH. :(

Last shots of the break, some of my favorites...


Ahh.. I miss the sun already.


  1. Cute pictures!! Love them all. I hiked Angel's Landing once and I too almost died from shortness of breath...I'm glad you survived!

  2. Glad you made it back safe and sound!

    Time for some new tires :)